Donate and help sick children make a dream come true!

About the ′′Fulfilling Dreams′′

Established in 2015 with the aim of making dreams come true for children with special needs and especially for those with serious diseases such as muscular atrophy, cerebral palsy, cancer patients and more.

The vision of the association is to help make these special children happy. We hope that we can, even for a short amount of time, ease their difficult and complicated lives.

Among the activities of Fulfilling Dreams are huge projects which involve flying dozens of children to major international sports events such as the World Cup, Euro, and more.

In addition, there are many events where the children meet for a fun night in one of the most prominent attractions in the country with the participation of stars who are well-known to the children, such as Israeli footballers (soccer players), and more.

An especially exciting project is “Fulfilling a Private Dream” in which one of the children becomes a king or queen for a day and fulfills his or her biggest dream: meeting their favorite singer, flying in the sky’s of israel or having a birthday party for all their friends.

In recent years, Fulfilling Dreams has also started working with youth at-risk in a variety of projects, including:

A leadership program where children from a variety of backgrounds are selected and undergo a process in which they are exposed to graduates who overcame difficulties, take advantage of a variety of lectures and empowerment workshops, team-building trips in the country, and more.

Fulfilling Dreams believes in the integration of the graduates of the program volunteering in the organisation and takes the outstanding participants to be assistants of an instructor in other projects.