Leadership program

The boys taking part in this project are teenagers who struggle with one or more of the following: learning disabilities, serious behavioural problems, broken families, and low socio-economic situations. What they have in common is that they have experienced failure time after time and felt rejected.

The boys are accompanied by a volunteer guide and participate in unique and diverse activities, in order to improve their lives. The activities aim to let them have successful experiences, build their self-confidence, give them a sense of ability, and more. The boys are not required to pay at all for this project, but it’s not a mere symbolic participation.

The boys are very happy to participate in the project and cooperate fully. It is a unique and special experience for them. The boys are happy with the personal attention they receive from the leaders, enjoy coming to the different meetings and activities, and, through the activities, to learn a lot of practical tools for success, to fulfill personal dreams and self-discovery, even when things seem to be out of reach. These are values that are very important to us to give to youth, and we are very happy to see the fruit of our labors.

Out of about 70 youths who took part in this project, only 12 outstanding people will be selected to fly abroad for an experiential ski vacation together with the guides. These youth will be chosen according to the criteria of effort and investment in school and the projects. They will be judged on such things as: attendance, timely arrival, cooperation, active participation, respectful attitude and more.