World Cup 2018 Russia :

In 2018, we left for Russia with a group  of 70 participants and guides.
The next day we toured around Moscow. We started at the Red Square, which is considered a must visit in Moscow. We saw the famous Kremlin, took pictures with fans of dozens of other teams that came from all over the world to the World Cup, and from there continued to an exciting visit to the Jewish Museum in Moscow. Later, we went to see a game in FUN ZONE, which included competitions and games and, of course, an amazing atmosphere of football fans all over the world.

We saw a very interesting game between Poland and Senegal at the Spartak Stadium, and after 90 minutes, Senegal beat Poland 2: 1 Later on, we went to the famous Moscow circus and watched an amazing and exciting performance.

On our last day in Moscow, we were privileged to see Cristiano Ronaldo score a header in the match between the Portugal and Moroccan national teams that ended in a 1-0 victory for Portugal.
The atmosphere in the stadium was electrifying and the excitement was great that we were privileged to see one of the greatest players of all time score in the World Cup