World Cup 2014 Brazil

Against all the limitations of the corona and the challenges we sent a delegation of about 70 trainees and instructors to Hungary.
After the flight, dinner we get organized quickly and start as strong as we know.

A tremendous game in the Puskas Arena, France VS Portugal Benzema VS Ronaldo both players score 2 goals.

they provided us with an unforgettable game and the journey has just begun. After a game like this, How can we sleep?!

We set out on a tour of Budapest to let everyone know that a fulfilling dreams had come to the city, we continued on an amazing cruise on the Danube River with a breathtaking performance of the Music Fountain on Margit Island.

if we’re are already in Hungary we will do everything and nothing will stop us, a trip to visegrad (a picturesque town right on the banks of the Danube) with an amazing picnic at the River bank, we continued to BOB attraction and mountain slides in an unbelievable View
Sabbath, day of rest?! -After praying, we did not stop jumping and dancing for joy!

On Saturday, we watched the screening of the Round of 16 from the hotel.
We continued to explore the city, going to the Budapest circus
And then to the main event-in the Puskas Arena, Czech Republic vs Netherlands. We sat with the Czech fans. What an amazing atmosphere. At the end of the 90 minutes, the Czech Republic won 2-0. We did not stop cheering.

The Israeli delegation returned home safely…
And we, in fulfilling dreams, have other plans!!!
A group of kids travels all the way from Italy to the famous Wembley Stadium to watch the game in front of 60,000 fans! We’re sitting in the stands with the Italians!

What a game—what an audience! After an hour of amazing football, Keiza conquers and shakes the stadium!
20 minutes pass-Spain with the equalizer What an amazing goal!
After 120 minutes with no winner, we go on to penalties-at the end, Italy wins 4: 2 and continues to the final…

And if there is another semi-final, we are there.
A group of kids from England are coming to push their team forward—
England vs. the surprise of the Euro, Denmark …
And Denmark never stops to surprise-Damascus’ free kick in the 30th minute gives us one of the most beautiful goals in the Euro.
We are there to push our team to the final and that’s what happens.
England do not give up and turn the score 2:1, and make it to the finals.

And now for the grand finale! Euro 2020 finals:
Italy vs. England! No matter what we write-no words to describe this game, a dream opening of England, Italy equalizing and then winning it all!